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Omnic3 – Omnic3


Develops and operates next generation community-based payment networks

The Challenge

More than 2 billion people have no bank account and need more jobs in emerging countries.

In sub-Saharan Africa in particular, most people have a mobile phone, but they can not afford a data plan from their local operator to stay connected to the mobile internet. Also, they do not exist platform of social networks allowing them to trade and to compromise between them.

Our solution

OMNIC3 proposes to increase financial inclusion and create sustainable employment based on the trade generated through the collaborative economy as well as crowdfunding of projects among all members of a community on it's mosala(™) platform

About the mosala(™) Platform

mosala(™) is a global payment network that enables value-based social and commercial activities within different communities. The mosala(™) payment platform provides members with:


Where members will be able to communicate with instant mobile messaging, increase community engagement and accelerate the mosala(™) platform adoption.


That provides each of its members with an e-wallet to let the member have a digital money account that enables P2P, commercial, donation transaction also provide a backbone for a higher value financial services

Digital ID:

To allow decentralized identity management with digitized KYC and PCI compliance to provide enhanced security of all transactions

The Technology


• Secured platform
• Reduce transaction cost
• Operate transparency
• Control privacy
• Digital ID


• KYC - Determine ID
• Reduce potential fraud
• Compliance & Regulation

Machine Learning

• Detect & Predict behaviors
• Security & Fraud
• Risks scoring for lenders & borrowers

Our Team

Our Partners and Contributors